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Blasphemous Fabricators of the Apocalypse

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BFA Games (Blasphemous Fabricators of the Apocalypse) is a game development duo consisting of George Carleton and Ross Serrett. We have spent most of our lives playing video games, and have watched as beloved franchises and entire genres have fallen by the wayside as developers and publishers desperately search for the next "Call of Duty". This risk-averse mentality has not only stifled design, but has also restricted storytelling.

We feel that video games are an ideal medium for exploring potentially controversial themes in a manner that inspires discussion. As the industry goes through another dramatic upheaval, the traditional risk barriers to entry into game development are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Our goal is to use the latest tech to create titles that use old school game design to explore culturally relevant themes.

Car Jumper

Car Jumper